We GUARANTEE you'll be bug-free with our service!

We offer a full treatment pest control services inside and outside your home. We treat along the baseboards of the entire house, in bathrooms, under sinks, and where pipes penetrate the walls. Outside, we spray around the foundation of your home treating problematic areas such as bushes, plants, and trees. If you are not fully satisfied with our service we will return for free. 


We look forward to serving you and hope to be able to do so for years to come.  Jensen’s Guaranteed Pest Control is family owned and operated. With our year round pest control programs, we guarantee to keep your home bug and pest free.

Household Ants

Black Widows



Wasps & Mud Wasps

Pill Bugs & Sow Bugs

American Roaches


Mice & Rats

Pharaoh Ants


Yellow Jackets

Oriental Roaches

Fire Ants

Hobo Spiders


Ticks & Fleas

Box Elder Bugs