How To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay Around Your Salt Lake City Yard

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Mosquitoes are so familiar that most people underestimate how dangerous they can be. As parasitic pests that feed on our blood, mosquitoes can spread numerous diseases to human and animal populations.

Even if they aren't deadly, these illnesses can impact your health. And even mosquitoes that don't carry diseases are annoying pests that always attack when you're trying to enjoy the outdoors. That's why you should be proactive with professional Salt Lake City pest control services to keep all kinds of biting pests out of your yard.

With services from Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control, you can get rid of mosquitoes in your yard and keep them out all summer long. Learn about the services we offer to Salt Lake City property owners.

The Life Cycle Of Common Mosquitoes

Professional mosquito control in Salt Lake City works better than home remedies because pest control experts know about the life cycles of these pests. Methods that only address mature adult insects won't eliminate the problem if eggs are still on your property.

It's important to know how the life cycle of mosquitoes contributes to a higher risk of infestation during certain times of the year. Mosquitoes emerge during the late spring and early summer as warm weather makes our climate more habitable.

Here are the main life stages of a mosquito, which are all areas of a population that you must address to truly get rid of mosquitoes:

  • Eggs: Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, so yards with puddles or creeks running through them are at a higher risk. 
  • Larvae: Once eggs hatch, the larvae create little pupae in a type of cocoon that allows them to mature and develop wings. 
  • Adults: After this maturation process is complete, a mature adult emerges. Adults quickly begin mating, and females must feed to fertilize their eggs and start this cycle all over again.

This entire life cycle only takes a matter of weeks, and new female mosquitoes are immediately ready to feed on blood so they can lay more eggs. Address this cycle of mosquitoes before it can start by turning to Jensen’s Guaranteed Pest Control for proper mosquito treatments to keep mosquitoes away from your Salt Lake City home.

How Mosquito Bites Spread Dangerous Diseases

Because they survive on the nutrients in the blood of human and animal hosts, these parasitic pests in Salt Lake City are culprits in spreading viruses through mosquito bites. Mosquitoes can spread dangerous illnesses like tularemia and West Nile Virus, which, while not as common in the United States as in other parts of the world, can still happen.

Even mosquitoes that don't spread diseases can still lead to discomfort as the site of their feeding turns into an itchy mosquito bite. Scratching at these bites can lead to infections, and the likelihood of all these side effects of a mosquito population increases if a population is growing right outside your house.

Take the threat of mosquitoes seriously by getting started on yard pest control today, not only after biting pests have moved in and started causing you grief.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquito bites by contacting Jensen’s Guaranteed Pest Control for treatments in Salt Lake City.

Proactive Tips To Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Yard

Due to the health dangers they pose, it's better to prevent mosquitoes from invading than to try and repel or eliminate them once they've already hatched. Home remedies that address mosquitoes, like citronella candles or sprays you treat your skin and clothing with, will only provide temporary relief against them.

As such, here are some mosquito prevention tips for you to implement around your Salt Lake City property:

  • Moisture control: Yards with puddles, fountains, birdbaths, or other water features are naturally more attractive to mosquitoes to breed in. Consider eliminating these water sources. 
  • Landscaping: Mosquitoes also like yards with lots of shade and tall grass to rest in during the heat of the day. The less vegetation providing shade, the fewer mosquitoes you'll have to contend with.
  • Inspections: Hiring a professional to inspect your yard for signs of pests or factors that attract them is the best way to ensure you're fully reducing your risk of an infestation. 

The best way to deal with parasitic mosquitoes and keep them away from your Salt Lake City Yard is with help from Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control. Contact us today to get started on an inspection of your property.

Pro Mosquito Control Offers The Best Protection For Your Yard

At Jensen’s Guaranteed Pest Control, we offer free inspections and estimates in person or over the phone. Once we've concluded this process, we will help you determine the right treatment for your yard.

Whether you need one-time services or want to save money with a quarterly or seasonal bundle, we guarantee to remove the mosquito population from your yard. We target breeding points and hot spots for mosquito activity to ensure we fully eliminate the infestation.

Protect your yard from mosquitoes by turning to Jensen’s Guaranteed Pest Control today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Salt Lake City.