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Commercial Pest Control In Salt Lake City

Pest control programs designed to protect your Salt Lake City business year-round.

Keeping Your Salt Lake City Business Pest-Free

When you're a business owner with a busy schedule and a long to-do list, keeping your business pest-free may not be high on your priority list. Even if it's something you know you should do, the urgent needs of your business often take precedence over potential future issues. However, if you wait too long, the pests you could avoid now may become one of those urgent problems. A pest infestation will damage your property, cost you money, and harm your business's reputation. If your Salt Lake City business is not protected from pests, you need Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control. We will create a Salt Lake City pest control plan to get rid of pests and keep them off your commercial property.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

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Our thorough and comprehensive commercial pest control is customized to your business and its pest control needs. We begin with an inspection of your property to determine your current pest problems so that we can provide the specific services needed to eliminate the active issue. During our initial inspection, we'll look for pest activity, hot spots, and conducive conditions. We'll use this information to develop a pest control plan tailored to your property's pest control needs. Our first order of business is ridding your property of the pests that are active there, but we don't stop with pest elimination.

In addition to taking care of your current Salt Lake City pest problems, we'll also focus on prevention so that pests don't become a problem again in the future. Our recurring commercial pest control plan for your business will be based on the type of business you own, the severity of the initial pest problem, and what your future pest control needs are. We'll come up with a recurring treatment plan that works for your schedule. build a connection.

Facilities We Service

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Dental Offices

You know how important it is for the health and safety of your patients that your dental equipment is sanitized. If pests get into your dental office, they can easily contaminate tools and other items without your knowledge. Protect your patients with Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control.

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Professional Office Buildings

Keeping your office buildings in good condition is important for the health, safety, and morale of the people who work in those buildings, but it's not always easy to do. When you partner with Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control, you can be sure that your office buildings will remain pest-free.

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Finding a bug in your food is never fun, and neither is seeing pests running around while you're trying to eat. If this is the experience that the guests at your restaurant have, it's likely that they won't return. Protect your customers and your restaurant with pest control from Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control.

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Retail Businesses

When you have thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in your stores, the last thing you need is pests getting into your retail business and damaging the items you sell. Protect your business from harmful pests with the help of Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control.

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Shipping Facilities

Customers expect to receive the items they ordered in good condition and free of damage. If pests get into your shipping facility, they will cause damage that is not only costly to your business, but also bad for your reputation. Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control will keep your shipping facility pest-free.

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No matter what your warehouse is used for, you don't want pests getting inside. Pests will damage the items and equipment in your warehouse, as well as the building itself. To prevent pest problems in your warehouse, let Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control provide you with commercial pest control.

Reasons To Choose Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control

Businesses Trust Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control

14+ Years In Business

Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control was founded in 2009. Our highly-trained service professionals have the experience you want to solve your pest problems.

100% Service Guarantee

We stand behind our work and back it with our 100% service guarantee. If you feel additional services are needed, we'll come back free of charge.

365 Day Pest Protection

Our year-round pest control plans are designed for your business's specific needs and are focused on protecting your business from pests all year long.

Guaranteed Pest Control For Your Business

Finding pests in your business can cause a lot of stress you shouldn't have to deal with. In the perfect world, you would be able to put preventative pest control in place before pests get into your business. However, many business owners find themselves contacting professional pest control providers after discovering an infestation. Regardless of whether you want to stop an infestation before it occurs or have just recently identified a pest problem in your business, Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control provides the services you need. Our guaranteed pest control will eliminate and prevent pests and protect your business. Call us now to request your free estimate and to learn more about our commercial and residential pest control services in Salt Lake City.

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