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Service Guarantee :  Our highest priority is to provide every customer with an honest and reliable service.  If at any time you feel unsatisfied or need additional service, please call our office to allow us to serve you and return to your home at your convenience free of charge!  In addition, as part of our family, you will have access to free inside treatments for as long as you remain an active Jensen’s Guaranteed customer! 

Initial Treatment 

Your initial treatment is critical for our success in the process of ridding your home of unwanted pests. One of our main focuses is to flush out pests from their hiding places in or near your home.  Because we target nesting areas, many of our customers experience a slight increase of insect activity for a few weeks.  This allows our foundation and preventive treatments to minimize additional infestations.  Please inform us at any time during the period between your initial service and first regular treatment if you feel you are experiencing abnormal amounts of insect activity.  We will be happy to return to your home for free to inspect or even retreat the area as needed. 

Black Widow Spider

Regular Treatments 

Treatment Schedule: Following your initial service, we will begin your regular treatment schedule within 30 days.  This will allow us to break down the egg cycle of the pests in or near your home. 

Treatment Notification :  We will give you a courtesy call and email before each of your regular services.  The call and email are for your notification as well as a way you can communicate with us your specific needs.  Many customers are not home at the time of our call, so we will leave a message on the answering machine of the day we will be coming to your home.  If you are not available at the time of our call, and would like to speak with one of our customer service representatives, please return the call as quickly as possible so we can best serve you, or simply reply to the email.  You will not be required to be home during most regular treatments (exterior only).

June bug
Wolf Spider

New Mosquito Service!

An optional treatment where we lay down a layer of mosquito protection around your home and in your yard. We target Mosquito nesting and breeding points such as shrubs, bushes, and standing water. We can do one-time treatments or you can bundle with your quarterly service for additional savings.


Photography by Adam Tolman


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