Pest Control In Sandy, UT

Friendly Pest Control In Sandy, UT

Sandy, a suburban city in Salt Lake County, has a thriving community and stunning natural sites, including the Wasatch Mountains to the east and the Jordan River to the west. It is home to the soccer-specific Rio Tinto Stadium, and its Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is a fantastic place to see sharks, penguins, and sea turtles.

It also has hot summers and cold winters that cause many pests to thrive or seek shelter within our homes and businesses. Abundant food and water sources make infestations relatively common and challenging to exterminate. Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control can address and prevent pest infestations with effective pest control in Sandy, UT.

Residential Pest Control In Sandy

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Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control is the local go-to company trained to handle the ongoing battle against unwanted pests in the area. Our family-owned business can ensure your peace of mind and deliver top-notch results no matter the size of your intrusion.

Pests love the area just as much as we do; from ants in the summertime to rodents in the winter, pests are a year-round challenge. While homeowners might get away with the occasional random pest, there is a good chance you will eventually be the target of a persistent problem.

We can help safeguard your property and loved ones from pests, starting with a thorough home inspection inside and out. Our findings will help us customize a plan for your unique needs, targeting hiding spots and harborage areas. We will cover your home inside and out, treating baseboards, bathrooms, and your foundation. We will return until you are 100% satisfied.

We can also tackle specialized pest problems like bed bugs, lawn pests, and mosquitoes. We guarantee year-round protection with initial regular treatments followed by quarterly sessions and will tailor our solutions to your requirements and seasonal changes. Call us today to get started with quality home pest control in Sandy, UT.

Commercial Pest Control In Sandy

Pest control must be at the forefront of any business owner's priorities. Meticulous property inspections to identify current pest issues and potential hotspots are vital to eliminate ongoing problems and create barriers to prevent future infestations. Investing in commercial pest control in Sandy, UT, could make all the difference for your property.

At Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control, we serve various industries, from dental offices, where tool sterilization is critical, to professional office buildings to ensure a comfortable and pest-free work environment.

With over 14 years of experience, we offer a 100% service guarantee, including complimentary revisits when needed for year-round, comprehensive protection. Whether you're keen on preventing potential infestations or tackling current pest issues head-on, contact us today for a free estimate.

Damage Lawn Pests Can Cause In Sandy

Lawn pests can wreak havoc on your property. These tiny intruders, which you might not see when you're out, can cause extensive damage that goes beyond the surface, including the following:

  • Brown patches: One common sign of infestations is the appearance of brown or dead patches in your otherwise green lawn. They can be due to grubs that feed on grassroots.

  • Thinning grass: Some pests feed on grass blades, causing your lawn to thin out and making it more susceptible to weed invasion.

  • Tunnels and mounds: Burrowing pests can create unsightly mounds that damage the root system of your plants.

  • Unwanted weeds: Lawn pests can disturb the soil. In turn, it can make it easier for weeds to take root and compete with your grass for nutrients.

A lawn weakened by pest infestations can become more susceptible to disease and environmental stressors. Some lawn pests can also carry diseases.

Delaying proper professional lawn pest control strategies to eliminate pests can be costly. Call Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control to learn more about our options, including granular and fence line treatments.

Why Professional Mosquito Abatement In Sandy Is Worth It

Mosquitoes are dangerous and bothersome pests. Here are some reasons to consider professional mosquito abatement:

  • It is an effective strategy: Our experts can control mosquito populations with various strategies targeting them at different life stages.

  • Mosquito abatement prevents disease transmission: Mosquitoes can be vectors of different diseases. Protecting your family is paramount, and professional services can significantly reduce the risk of contamination.

  • It is a customized solution: We can assess your mosquito breeding and resting sites and tailor our strategies for a more targeted and efficient approach.

  • It is safe for the environment: We are mindful of non-target species and strive to minimize harm to our ecosystem.

Call Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control to learn about our mosquito treatment strategies that guarantee 90% mosquito reduction or more, with revisits as needed during peak mosquito season from April to October.

With tailored strategies, Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control can help eliminate tiny mosquitoes, keep your lawn verdant and healthy, and more. Get started today with a quote.

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