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Syracuse is a northern suburb of Salt Lake City, 30 miles from the Utah capital. This Davis County community provides residents with the Rush Funplex amusement center, movie theaters, and the Jensen Nature Park. Additionally, its location along the Great Salt Lake coast offers a variety of outdoor activities.

Numerous pests reside around Syracuse, causing problems for residents and businesses. They typically enter buildings for food and water or to escape severe weather. They can cause health concerns and damage, making them a threat in any building they invade. There are ways to prevent these intrusions, and Syracuse, UT, pest control professionals can help remove these creatures.

Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control serves Syracuse residents and businesses with expert pest services. Our professionals use modern tools and techniques to protect your health and property.

Residential Pest Control In Syracuse

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Regardless of your home's security, pests are a constant threat. These tiny creatures can fit through the smallest openings, allowing them to find hiding spots in walls, basements, attics, and crawl spaces. Many of these intruders cause damage, spread illnesses, and require the assistance of home pest control services in Syracuse for protection.

Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control provides the best pest protection in Davis County. Our service professionals will inspect your house to find pests, attractants, and entry points. We'll discuss your options, develop a treatment plan, and flush the intruders out of their hiding places. Our preventative treatments include closing gaps in your exterior and applying treatments around your foundation.

Our quarterly visits begin within 30 days of the initial service, and we'll let you know before we arrive. Call us today to learn more about how we can protect your home.

Commercial Pest Control In Syracuse

Syracuse is home to several businesses that provide goods and services to the community. Pests can threaten the ability to provide these essentials for residents when they invade structures. They can damage buildings, contaminate products, and spread pathogens that can cause illnesses. Commercial pest control in Syracuse will keep these dangerous creatures away.

Our commercial services at Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control start by inspecting your property to find where pests are hiding and the conditions that attract them. We'll treat inside and outside your facility to prevent intrusions, using the best methods for your situation. We can also provide recurring services based on your needs for long-term protection.

We provide pest control services for businesses in several industries, so we know how to handle your concerns. Contact us to learn how we can solve your pest problems.

Tips Syracuse Residents Can Use To Mosquito-Proof Their Yards

Mosquitoes arrive on Syracuse properties when the weather warms, and some carry potentially harmful pathogens. The females draw blood, an essential part of the reproduction process. Some of these pests can spread illnesses, so you should avoid bites.

These pests are most active in warm conditions but dehydrate in direct sunlight, so they prefer properties with tall grass and brush. They also require still water for their young, making moisture another common attractant. These facts provide tips on how to prevent infestations in your yard.

Some easy ways to keep mosquitoes away from your Syracuse home include:

  • Mow your grass short.

  • Avoid standing water in your yard.

  • Circulate the water in water features.

  • Cover water storage containers.

At Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control, we provide monthly mosquito treatments that target common resting and breeding sites. We can treat your front and back yard during the active months between April and October. Our treatments reduce mosquitoes by up to 95% and encompass your entire yard.

We guarantee our service, so we'll return to retreat your property if you're unhappy with the results. Give us a call to get started on our effective mosquito control services in Syracuse.

How Pests Can Harm Your Syracuse Lawn

Most people are only concerned about pests getting into their homes, but some can damage your lawn. They can leave ugly brown spots that cause embarrassment and lower your property value. Understanding how these issues arise will help you avoid these problems.

Some yard-invading pests are visible, like rabbits, gophers, and voles. But some insects also live outside, feeding on your plants and nesting in your yard.

The ways these creatures can damage your Syracuse lawn include:

  • Sucking vital fluids from plants

  • Chewing holes in plant leaves

  • Digging holes in your yard

  • Leaving their waste on grass

Finding and eliminating these destructive pests can be difficult without training. Our Syracuse lawn pest control services at Jensen's Guaranteed Pest Control will discover lawn pests and use granular treatments for removal. We also include fence line treatments with our quarterly recurring services. We'll treat your lawn to eliminate infestations and ensure they don't return.

We use the best techniques to protect your lawn and back up our services with a guarantee. If you're unhappy with the results, we'll come back to retreat your property for free. Let us know if lawn pests are causing problems in your yard.

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